Bronze Die Cut Pasta: The Italian Difference

In traditional Italian cooking, pasta is one of the biggest cornerstones of any meal. As such, Italians take the process of making pasta very seriously. Because of the desire to have authentic pasta that is still shelf-stable, many innovations have made the pasta you buy at your grocery store more delicious. One improvement that does wonders for pasta dishes is the use of bronze dies to cut the noodles rather than Teflon dies.

What Are Bronze Die Cut Noodles?

A die is the metal plate that pasta is pushed through to get its shape. Bronze dies are unique because they create texture on the surface of the noodle that can help sauce absorb and adhere to the noodle better. This contrasts Teflon cut noodles which are smooth on the surface, which makes the noodle less receptive to sauces or seasoned oils. Typical pasta you see in the store is Teflon cut because it is faster to produce pasta this way. At Gelato & aMore, we understand that the extra time that comes with bronze cut pasta is well worth the upgrade in flavor.

How to Use Bronze Die Cut Noodles

If your interest has been piqued and you now are wondering where to get authentic Italian bronze cut noodles, look no further than Gelato and aMore. In-store Gelato & aMore sells a brand of bronze cut pasta that is imported from Italy and cannot be easily purchased anywhere else. To take full advantage of these special noodles, consider trying a full take-home food kit. With the quality ingredients that Gelato & aMore offers, you can make a meal that will transport you to Italy in the comfort of your home.

So whether you want to make your own pasta dish or have one cooked for you, stop by Gelato & aMore to experience pasta the authentic Italian way.