The Flywheel Deli Slicer: A True Sandwich Essential

When it comes to making the perfect sandwich, there is a lot that goes into getting the right thickness and texture of deli cuts to complement all the components of the sandwich. Getting the cold cuts right requires the help of an exceptional machine called a flywheel deli slicer.

There are many different iterations of deli slicers, with the flywheel style being considered the oldest by most. Flywheel-style deli slicers have a handle that hand cranks like a music box to regulate when the meat passes through the blade. What makes these types of slicers so unique is the amount of control they offer to whomever uses them. The flywheel's manual operation allows for precision regarding how fast or slow the meat is cut. This makes the flywheel slicer great for carving various meats, as the operator can adjust the slicer to match the specifications that cater best to each meat. As you may have guessed, the flexibility of the slicer means that it takes extra effort to master. At Gelato and aMore, there is special care taken to train employees in the art of flywheel slicing so that each cut is the proper thickness to make the best possible sandwich.

Regarding the meats that are offered at Gelato & aMore, they range from cured meats to forced meats to whole muscle meats – each requiring the use of the flywheel slicer in a different way. The thickness of how each meat is sliced changes to highlight various aspects like fattiness or texture. This is where training on the flywheel comes into play, as it is essential to know what cut applies best to each type of meat. This attention to detail can help elevate your everyday deli sandwich to a gourmet food experience.

Making a sandwich that will make you sing requires special care to make sure each ingredient works in harmony. If you happen to find yourself craving an authentic Italian sandwich experience, stop by Gelato & aMore and taste the difference that comes with precision-cut meat and a respect for traditional methods.